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This page is devoted to the delusion that you don't know me and you're here trying to figure out who this Luther guy is and how you can beat a path to his door... With that said, the following is plethora of pinata's, er... NO!!, NOT PANTS!!!! A'hem.... Rather it's a plethora of nonsensical ramblings and info about what it is that makes me tick.

Self: Hrmm... I'm a geek, thru and thru, thus much of what there is to know about my "self" is highly geek oriented. I've lived the vast majority of my life with a deep passion for all things technical (probably incited by the very limited amount of technical innovation in my hometown of Hollidaysburg, Pennsyltucky). Despite my country technogeek upbringing, I somehow managed to avoid becoming a total introvert (although I'm sure some would argue this point!). Some strange witches brew combination of semi-city life, Larping and a kickass crew of friends has helped me develop a crazy-go-nuts pendulum penchant for socializing (both on and off the 'puter.) Random Thoughts about me: I'm a child of the internet. I love Leenooks and I loathe Windows (but I just can't escape it can I). I use vi (emacs and many of its users irritate me to no end). I love Coffeeine, therefore I fidgett and tap my fingers... I think facial hair is the devil and will eventually crush mankind... I love the ellipsis... and when I'm not busy defying the dichotomy of the establishment, I tend to ramble on and on about things totally nonsensical. YOU BOYS LIKE MEXICO!?!???!?!?1/1/

Work: I'm currently (for 5+ years now) working for a not_for_profit company called Ithaka Harbors... We do Unix (YAY!) and Windows (BOOO!) support for a number of academically affilliated organizations (namely JSTOR, ARTstor, Portico and The Andrew Mellon Foundation. Personally I'm acting as a Senior Unix Systems Engineer in a team of 7ish. We support something to the tune of 500 Unix Systems of the Sun/Solaris and x86 RedHat ilk. For the purposes of geographic diversity, we have hosts scattered all over: Princeton, NJ; Ann Arbor, MI; New York, NY; and Denver, CO and even a handful over in Manchester, England. We manage everything from under-your desk hacker-playground Pentium 3's/Ultra60s all the way up to the 128 'proc' SunFire T5440s. We're also sporting over a Petabyte of production data on spinning disk across various Disk architectures.... Hitachi Thunder/AMS/WMS, Sun StorEdge SAN stuff, Adaptec SNAP arrays and the glorious(*cough*) X45X0 'Thumper'. All in all, it's a lot to keep a handle on, but it keeps me entertained and pays the bills.

Play: If I'm not doing something work related, well, I'm very likely lost in one of the following:
Computer Gaming , Clubbing (the dance type, save the seals), Fighting Spam, Making Chain Maille , General Geeking, Martial Arts (Primarily Pai-Lum Kung Fu but I've recently delved into a local Sil Lum class that I'm absolutely loving), Yoyoing (yes, I said Yoyoing :P )

Music: My musical tastes go ALL over the spectrum, but MOST of my music lies in the Gothic/Industrial/SynthPop/EBM scene. See the Music section for more detailed info (assuming I ever get around to writing it).

Contact: I've been told that I'm FAR too easy to get in touch with, but if you're looking to contact me, you can very likely reach me at one of the following:

Email: luther AT psylicon DOT net (or root or geekgod or... well.. nevermind.. just silly egotistical geek fluff :P)
ICQ: 4610767
IRC: psylicon on, or somewhere on #EFNET
Live Journal: Lutherm1

Last update: Tuesday, July 14th 2009